Louvre Animation Award Nominations!

So my film got way more attention than I was ever anticipating! With two awards nominations in the CG Awards and Cgarchitect 3D Awards, I’m over the moon that it seems to be so well recieved. It has made all of the hard work worthwhile and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the awards in the coming weeks! :) The CG awards after getting nominated are finally decided by a public vote – if you feel like voting and givingRead more

Louvre Architectural Film

A personal project film and my first attempt at animation to learn new skills and keep improving my skills as a 3D artist. An exploration of the Louvre Museum in Paris, from all angles to take the viewer on a journey through the elegant architecture in a variety of lighting scenarios with a key focus on mood and atmosphere. I’ll probably render out some high res and nicely polished stills at some point in the near future before finally puttingRead more

Louvre Dusk Hero WIP

The end is in sight! My last work in progress report before the final stretch of lighting, rendering and post production. This is one of the main dusk hero shots below with a tiny bit of post production. Although it’s worth mentioning this is a bit low quality for a still image and I’ll no doubt do a nice set of stills that are slightly more polished. This is after the rainfall in the film, and part of a sectionRead more

Animation Stills – Wet Material Tests

As the narrative of the film takes a turn towards rain and eventually dusk, I’ve recently been running some tests and converting the materials to have a wet look. Having these reflective surfaces adds extra points of interest when preparing compositions and something I’ll certainly be exploring further during the film, especially with dusk lighting and warm hotspots. Using dirt maps and bercon noise to control the reflectivity of the materials allowed for detailed variation within the shader without tiling,Read more

Concept and Mood Digital Paints

A few mood paints I prepared for my Presentation at 3DS London to get across the different techniques I’ve been using to explore mood and colour whilst storyboarding. I think digital painting is a great tool for the ‘pre-viz’ stage of projects, it allows you at the start of the shot creation process to break it all down into the core principles behind your work before you start getting reigned in by the details. As a result I feel asRead more

Open House London – Photography

It’s taken a while to get around to writing this post, I’ve been very busy recently! A couple of months back I took the time to visit London in order to take a look around the Open House London event. The weekend was a great opportunity to get under the skin of the architecture that makes up the Neighbourhood of our capital. With over 800 buildings open to the public and a variety of walks and talks by  accompanying architects, the experienceRead more

Animation still – Pyramid frame

Latest still frame from my animation of the internal structure of the Louvre Pyramid. Had a go at experimenting with glows and flares to try and achieve the atmospheric look I was looking for with the lighting, quite like it hopefully I’ve not pushed it too far! It isn’t too hard to kill a shot with a bad choice of lens flare haha Trying to be efficient with rendering out the animation as much as possible so this shot is aRead more

Animation Still – Lampost Detail

      Some more stills and details from the animation that yes…is still in progress! Quite enjoyed working into the rusty shader on the lamposts, its these extra details that will hopefully increase the realism, especially for foreground objects.  Basically just a Vray blend material allowing me to get the different qualities of material with the rust underneath the paint, controlled by a dirt map. Finally happy with the cobbles too now, to a point – redone that textureRead more

Lighting, rendering, view exploration | Teaser Still

Been quite busy with full time work recently so not had too many spare hours to put to this but to keep the ball rolling I’ve started working into the lighting and setting up some shots that will soon be ready to start rendering for the animation. Slowly coming to the end of the modelling and texturing phase finally, although whilst putting together another pre viz draft of the animation I’ve since created more work for myself involving a coupleRead more

Wildlife Photography – Chester Zoo

A recent trip to Chester Zoo with Kirsty on my week off, a perfect chance to try out my new zoom lens and have a go at wildlife photography! A really enjoyable day and an enjoyable experience to try my hand at shooting a subject other than buildings! I Loved the new lens within minutes, after having my stock lens for so long (the zoom of which is ridiculously poor), it was great to have a bit more possibility andRead more