The Louvre, Paris – Animation Screen Preview WIP

Been wanting for a while to brush up on the animation side of my job, so I’ve finally got around to starting this (huge) project in my spare time! I’ve always loved the combination of new and old architecture of the Louvre, and since it hasn’t really been attempted in 3D before to my knowledge, I felt it could be a good building to explore in a short film.¬†Obvious inspiration for this piece is Alex Roman’s beautiful third and the seventh, if my piece could be a fraction of that I’d be happy!

So below you can find the first ‘pre-viz’ draft which is un-rendered, just a screen preview of the model so far so I can start to nail down the rough compositions to try and optimize the amount of work needed so when watching this try and think of it fully modelled, textured, lit, with sky, reflections, depth of field, animated water, trees, rain, timelapses etc… This project will be a great opportunity to brush up on my animation skills, learn new software (potentially Nuke for the compositing), as well as explore water simulation for the fountains, rain on the windows (potentially particle flow? Still researching).

I feel the film, without the necessary realistic qualities and animated elements, already feels like it could be quite an emotive piece when teamed with the music and some subtle sound effects. Feeling quite optimistic about this project in its early stages, just hope I can pull it off!¬†Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think, it’s very early work in progress so any critique is appreciated. There are already shots that I will be changing in particular the split screen of the elevators will be getting replaced with something else, as will a couple of others.

Let the real work commence!

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